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What Is The Mivan Construction

  • goldapple
  • 2019/12/06
  • 200

Construction is an intricate methodology including essentially those territories such as architectural planning, engineering and construction. Fortunately, a few of the propelled innovations catering to quicker pace of development are officially accessible throughout the planet. Mivan construction is one of them.

Formwork is defined as temporary structure with the purpose being to provide support and containment for fresh concrete until it can support itself. It moulds the cement of the wanted shape and size while it controls its position and alignment. The development of mivan aluminium formworks is parallel with the growth of concrete construction throughout the twentieth century. Advances in technology, population growth and space constraints have opened the way for the construction of high-rise buildings. But this task was not very easy at first, but now this person makes this task easier by inventing new mechanics and new technologies. In high-rise construction projects, the most important factor in terms of cost, quality and speed is the type of template used in the project. The first type of template used was a conventional type of template in which the planks were supported on timber columns.aluminium-formwork-products-04_1.jpg

Mivan constructionis basically an mivan aluminium formwork system developed by one of the construction company from Europe. Nowadays more than 30,000 square meters of formwork used in the world are under Mivan construction operation. The Mivan construction is specifically designed to allow rapid construction of all types of architectural layouts due to the fact as below: high speed of construction can be achieved by Mivan construction, which means faster completion of project, which further means seven days per floor. The striking time of Mivan construction is 12 hours after concreting or when concrete strength has reached 2N/mm2.

Horizontal formwork is 36 hours after concreting or when concrete strength has reached 10N/mm2. The Mivan construction has the advantage as below: total system forms the complete concrete structure, custom designed to suit project requirements, unsurpassed construction speed, high quality finish, cost effective, panels can be reused up to 250 time and erected using unskilled labor and so on. Quality and speed as well as economy must be considered. High-quality buildings will never stop the speed of the project, nor should it be uneconomical. In fact, time-consuming repairs and modifications due to poor quality of work often delay work and have additional financial impact on the project. Some experts believe that even if the initial cost is high, alternative housing with lower maintenance requirements may be preferred. Even though the Mivan construction has many advantages, these limitations cannot be ignored. However, these restrictions do not pose any serious problems. They are as follows: Small-sized finishing lines can be seen on the concrete surface. Concealed services become difficult due to the thin thickness of the components. It requires a unified plan and a uniform elevation to save costs. Since all members are RCC castes, they cannot be modified. In order to save costs, a lot of work must be done, that is, at least 200 forms should be repeated in the work.



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