Where To Get The Best Seamless Aluminum Pipes ?

Finding a one-piece pipe is challenging from the aluminum pipe suppliers in the market. Normally, pipe suppliers do supplies on seamless pipes which are of plastic material. However when it comes to aluminum pipes, this becomes a big challenge.

The use of seamless pipes is amazing considering that there are few or even no joints through which the pipe comes as a one-piece pipe. As a result of this, the pipes are more durable as there are no points of weakness in the pipe.

Application of the Seamless Aluminum Pipes

Depending on the scope of application, the use of aluminum seamless pipes will be essential. This will be as compared to the use of plastic seamless pipes.

The main reason as why use aluminum seamless pipe and not plastic seamless pipe is due to the fluids to be transported. Furthermore, the durability of aluminum seamless pipes remains unquestionable. Compared to the plastic seamless pipes, aluminum seamless pipes are highly durable.

The application of seamless aluminum pipes is highly prevalent in the petroleum industry, high-pressure containers, and chemical industry. Other thin-walled seamless aluminum pipes are done through cold processing for use on military products such as radar and aircraft.

Pingguo Fusheng company is one of the best seamless aluminum pipes producers you will find in the market globally on the production of the seamless aluminum pipes. This company manages to do this production from its 7 seamless pipe extrusion production lines as below;

  • 3 Double acting extruders that are above 50MN. In this there are double-acting forward of 100MN and 75MN extruders made by Taizhong Company while there are double-acting reverse of 55MN which can manage to extrude thin-walled seamless pipes of large sizes.
  • 4 extruders that are under 20MN for rolling, drawing as well as roll straightening. As a result of this, they can produce thin-walled pipes of high precision and of small size.

Advantages of Seamless Aluminum Pipes

  • Production of these pipes is done through the use of advance equipment as well as an up-to-date technology on its production
  • These pipes are of high strength with high corrosion resistance as well as wear resistance and hence leading them to be one of the best pipes to use on petroleum and chemical industries.
  • Quality is maintained on production through which the technical center gets its assessment from the Qinghai Engineering Technology Center to ensure quality control is not compromised.
  • Contains several certifications which prove on its quality for a lasting service.


Below are some of the features you expect to meet on the ordering of the seamless aluminum pipes;

  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Has a minimum order quantity of 10 tons after the sent samples have been confirmed
  • Can produce seamless aluminum pipes of 1 series up to 7 series
  • The produced are of the temper H112 T4 T6
  • The pipes length range from 7m to 14m
  • The product diameter ranges from 22mm to 44mm
  • Wall thickness of this seamless aluminum pipes ranges from 1mm to 50mm

Pingguo Fusheng is committed to ensure that you get the best seamless aluminum pipes on all the specifications you need. All you need to do is to put up your specifications on the pipe sizes you need, diameter or provide a sample for the same. With this, you will receive exactly what you need. First, they will send you a sample after which on confirmation, you will receive the full order.