Why Aluminium T Section Extrusions Popular ?

Aluminium t section extrusions have a wide range of uses based on their sizes, but they are the most famous for architectural applications because of their higher corrosion resistance to several other metals. GOLDAPPLE ALUMINUM GROUP is a leading aluminum profile factory in China and manufactures aluminium t section extrusions in alloy grade A16063; 6061, 6063, 5052, etc. It is completely the choice of customers to choose any of these alloy grades. At present, we are offering aluminum extrusions in different shapes such as rectangular, triangle, square, round, etc. Moreover, we can also manufacture customized shapes upon the request of our customers.


Aluminum alloy is the key raw material for manufacturing aluminum products by using several processing and packaging processes to obtain the everyday necessities, industrial equipment. Such aluminum products are basically deep processing for this step.


During deep processing, it is ensured that the aluminum surface doesn’t damage and is scratch less. No doubt, aluminum is a widely used metal element due to its good ductility, good electrical conductivity, and good flexibility. This is why it can be shaped into filaments and foils so that it can be utilized to manufacture cables and wires for use in food packaging. Also, it is best to use in aviation, food, automotive, construction, and other big industries.


Here at Pingguo Fusheng, we offer a variety of aluminum products like castings, aluminum-manganese alloy, pure aluminum, aluminum-copper-tin alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and much more. Clients also get processed aluminum products in various forms i.e. sheet, pipe, roll sheet, profiles, strip extruded products, solid bars, etc. Aluminum products deep processing appertains to semi-finished products for improving aluminum products. Whereas processing appertains to the recreation of aluminum products. It means further processing of original aluminum products is carried out to have a more reliable performance.


Aluminium t section extrusions for electrophoresis

Electrophoresis refers to aluminum oxide that acts as the mode when put into water-soluble latex liquid by means of direct current and the aluminum oxide film is accumulated on the paint film’s surface. Once the film is painted to baked curing, its weather resistance, uniformity, adhesion to get a smooth color aluminum, and aluminum to alkali acid.


A number of surface treatment methods are used for aluminum t section extrusion, such as anodized, mill finished, PVDF, silver matt, powder-coated, sand blasted, painted, etc. We can manufacture aluminum extrusions in different colors (like black, grey, silver, etc.) as per the demand of customers. These extrusions are commonly utilized in safety, communication, instrum, photo-electric, and medical treatment. They show their best on good dissipation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), fine appearance, and corrosion resistance. The main modifications include drilling holes, flanged side panels, adding mounting brackets, etc. The option of silk printing is also available upon request. Our packaging includes a carton box and foam paper package, plastic wrap and plastic film package, kraft paper package, and more as requested.