Why does the kitchen door choose aluminum instead of wood?


1, wind pressure strength and water tightness:

Due to the low strength and rigidity of the steel window, the steel window is reinforced by the lining steel, but its wind pressure resistance and watertightness are about two grades lower than that of the aluminum window. Moreover, because the lining steel of the steel window is not connected to the complete frame system at the corners of the inner cavity of its profile, the plastic welding angles of the window frame, the four corners of the fan, and the tessellation point are relatively low.

2, airtight performance:

Because the window and frame of the plastic steel window are welded, the airtightness of the steel window created by aluminum pipe suppliers should be slightly better than that of the screwed aluminum alloy window. However, the dimensional accuracy of the aluminum window profile is higher, and the frame and fan are more closely matched, so the two are still in one. Grade level.

3, insulation properties:

Aluminum window insulation performance is not as good as plastic steel window. Heat energy consumption when bathing!

4, lighting performance:

The window lighting performance of plastic steel windows is worse than that of aluminum windows. The shading area of ​​single frame components is about 10% larger than that of aluminum windows, and the visual field and decorative effect are poor, which is not conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction of architectural lighting. The kitchen and toilet were originally in the backlight of the apartment type! The lighting performance can not be ignored.

5, sound insulation performance:

The gap sealing level of aluminum windows and plastic windows is basically the same, and its sound insulation performance is basically the same.

6, fire performance:

Fire-retardant PVC plastic windows are better than flammable wood windows, but they are inferior to non-combustible aluminum alloy windows.

7, lightning and static electricity problems:

Aluminum alloy is a good electrical conductor, so when it is used as a building external protection structure, effective grounding measures can be taken, which can be used as lightning protection facilities and can prevent the generation of static electricity.

8, decorative:

As the exterior windows of the building, plastic steel windows can only be white, and they cannot meet the needs of various types of architectural exterior decoration.

9, aging problems:

PVC plastic profiles will be aging, macromolecular PVC resin under ultraviolet light, macromolecular chain fracture, so that the surface of the material loses its luster, discoloration powder, the mechanical properties of the profile decline. Aluminum alloys have anti-aging properties.

10, deformation and expansion problems:

Plastic steel windows are susceptible to thermal deformation, cold and brittle, and poor dimensional and shape stability. It is often necessary to use the rigidity of the glass to prevent deformation of the window frame. The aluminum alloy has the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-deformation, and the like.