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High quality PVDF powder door track aluminum window extrusion profile

    Model Number: AE25-6063
  • Place of Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Brand Name: Gold Apple
  • Certification: ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO10012
  • Temper: T3-T8
  • Grade: 6000 Series
  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 tons after confirmed the samples
  • Thickness: >0.7mm
  • Length: 1-8M

Product Details

Fluorocarbon spraying process using multilayer coating, in order to give full play to the Kynar 500 metal paint durability and weatherability advantages from the front surface treatment of aluminum material to the spraying process needs to strictly control the quality of the final product must meet U.S. manufacturing industry association AAMA-605.02.90 standard architecture.

Function:1.High anti-corrosion.

       2.Non-maintaining and automatically clearning

       3.Strong adhesion.

       4.Long weather resisting property

Usage:It’s widely used in aluminum windows and doors,thermal-break,billboard,etc.

Process flow:

1.Preliminary treatment: oil and stain removal→watering→alkali cleaning→watering→acid cleaning→watering→chromizing→watering→pure watering

     2.Coating flow:prime lacquer→top-coat→varnish finishing→roast(180-250℃) →QC


Aluminium track proflies are available in different kinds such as;

  • aluminium window profiles
  • aluminium industrial profiles
  • aluminium partition profiles
  • aluminium door profiles
  • aluminium architectural extrusion profiles
  • aluminium kitchen cabinets
  • aluminium tubes
  • rolling door shutter and garage profiles
  • Shower enclose profiles and many more

The main reason why aluminium extrusion profiles are popular is because aluminium is much lighter in volume. Its weight is relatively low as compared to metals such as iron, brass, and steel. Its weight is only a third of these metals. For this reason, aluminium materials can easily be handled because of their low weight. It is also cheaper to ship them in. aluminium is generally very attractive and has various physical features. When combined with its less weight, it makes it easy to be handled in such fields like aerospace and high-rise construction projects.

The best place where you can purchase these Aluminium Track Profiles.

Pingguo Jianfeng Aluminium Co. Ltd is one of the best companies that specialize in the manufacture of a variety of high quality aluminium profiles. The company is located in Scenery-picturesque Pingguo County in Baise City. The company’s trademark is “Gold Apple.

Types of Aluminium Track Profiles

1. Fluorocarbon coating

This is a kind of electrostatic coating although its price is relatively higher but most popular in foreign countries for many years. Some of the reasons why fluorocarbon coating are best when it comes to aluminium materials are;

i.They are highly anti-corrosive thus they does not rust when they come into contact with rusting agents.
ii.It is easy to maintain and clean them
iii.They have a strong adhesion
iv.The property has a long weather resistance and not easily affected by weather changes.

Fluorocarbon coating is mainly used in aluminium windows and doors, billboards, and thermal-breaks.

2. Aluminium thermal break profile

This is a good material that help to avoid sound and noise. With these materials, there is also no pollution, odor discharge and can be used immediately after installing. Some of the benefits you get when you use aluminum track profiles made of thermal break profiles are;
They have good heat preservation as they have plastic thermal conductivity of aluminum plastic that has a good heat insulation.
Their sound insulation is one of the best as they are carefully designed. They have good air tightness.
You can easily avoid fire when using products made of these materials.
These products are offered free maintenance but also, they does not fade even without maintenance.

Advantages of aluminum track profiles

Aluminumn is mainly used in extrusions and shape profiles because of its mechanical characteristics. This makes it suitable for shaping and forming metal from billet sections. One of the greatest benefit is that it can readily be shaped into a variety of section without much energy being used in the forming process. Also, melting of the aluminum is also easy. Another great benefit of aluminum profiles is that they possess high strength to weight ration which in turn make it the best choice of any kind of industrial application.


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