aluminum alloy sliding doors profile

Aluminum alloy windows and doors are the first products, which replaced the steel sashes. Aluminum windows, doors adopt the chinese aluminum extrusions for the frame, stick and fan made. The normal aluminum sliding windows take the aluminum alloy as the main materials. So the sealing and sound insulation effect are better than steel sashes and they are also easier to process than wooden windows and steel sashes. 
It can be classified by the opening ways 
Aluminum alloy windows can be divided into the aluminum slide-hung windows, sliding windows, aluminum suspended sash window and the aluminum fixed windows. The aluminum alloy windows with different opening and closing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages which are suitable for different space. 
It can be classified by the profiles. Aluminum alloy windows can be mainly divided into the general aluminum windows and the bridge-cutoff aluminum windows. Bridge-cutoff aluminum windows are more insulating and completely solve the problems, which ordinary aluminum windows have about the fast heat construction and poor insulation. 
Advantages of aluminum alloy windows
Good seal performance of aluminum alloy windows. The seal performance directly affects the using function and energy consumption. The durability of aluminum alloy windows is good. The decorative effect of aluminum alloy windows is better. Aluminum windows have a certain ability of fire protection and they are glossy, elegant and beautiful. 
The tips about choosing aluminum alloy windows
The main materials of aluminum alloy windows include aluminum profiles, glass and hardware. Toughened glass is better than common glass and the stainless steel hardware parts are better than aluminum parts. 
The high quality aluminum alloy window is finely processed and the angle is consistent. There is no obvious gap and sealed performance is good. In general, the price of high quality aluminum alloy is 41% higher than the inferior aluminum alloy products. Inferior products are unsafe.