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    construction requirements, general powder spraying construction requirements:

    (1) in order to give full play to and extend the service life of the coating, the surface of the coating is strictly treated by surface pretreatment first

    (2) when spraying, the coating must be completely ground to increase the spraying efficiency of the powder coating

    (3) to be coated with larger surface defects, it should be coated with conductive putty to ensure the smooth and smooth coating

    (4) after the spraying, the objects and articles should be heated, cured and cured. The technical indexes of the powder products should be adopted. However, the curing temperature and time should be guaranteed so as to avoid the lack of solidification and cause quality accidents.

    (5) check immediately after spraying, if found defects should be timely treatment, if after curing defects are found, the only local small range without affecting, the coated surface decoration, can use the same color powder and acetone diluted to repair, if the scope is large and affects the surface quality, use sandpaper after again. Or use the paint remover to remove the coating, re Suo powder.

    (6) the recovered powder must be screened and removed, and then mixed with the new powder at a certain proportion.

    (7) the powder supply barrel, the powder spraying room and the recycling system should avoid contamination by other colors. Therefore, each color change must be cleaned.



    Aluminum powder coating profile, with different colours such as common white , grey , black , yellow ,green ,red etc. Minimum thickness : 0.8mm .Support SGS, VOC , BV inspection . Excellent material for smooth and subtle edges, elegant appearance.  15 years quality guarantee.

    Powder spraying construction technology and requirements, so-called electrostatic powder spraying is the use of high-voltage electrostatic corona electric field principle. A high voltage negative electrode is attached to the metal deflector of the spray gun head, and the workpiece is grounded to form a positive electrode, so that a strong electrostatic field is formed between the spray gun and the workpiece. When the compressed air as the carrier gas, the powder coating from the guiding rod for powder barrels by powder pipe to spray gun, the corona discharge guide rod is connected with the high voltage anode is generated, and the negative charge density in the vicinity of the powder, with a negative charge, and entered into the field of high electrostatic field strength in the dual role, static electricity and gas, powder evenly to the ground surface of the workpiece forming powder layer of uniform thickness, and heat curing into durable coating. Coating construction process: pretreatment - drying, removing moisture - spraying - Inspection - baking - Inspection - finished products.



    Aluminum profile with grey sand powder coating, have our own casting, moulding, extrusion, surface treatment .

    Annual production capacity: 60, 000 tons/year . 24 press, the biggest one is 3600 tons, 2 powder coating lines, 2 anodizing lines etc . Strict quality control management according to International and national standards.

    Services: OEM/custom design, timely service . 16 years experience of exportation, famous brand in international markets.

    We provide special high quality for spraying Surface .Each profile with special plastic or carton packing , can avoid scratches during transportation .We have our aluminium profiles series , we give free technicial install drawings . Our colour is stable , gloss is high .We can manufacture according to your size and shape of such aluminum profile.  Alloy and temper: 6061,6063, 6060,6005 or other alloys, temper can be T4/T5/T6 etc.we have rich experiences in design and export . We always offer the latest aluminum profile designs in order to meet customers' requirements in time . Gold Apple not only provides high quality  aluminum profiles, but also provides customized services . Grey sand powder coating colour is very popular for household , it looks high quality and modern. We guarantee aluminium grey sand powder coating colour quality for more than fifteen years . 



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