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Applications And Uses Of Aluminium Extrusions

  • goldapple
  • 2020/09/11
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Aluminium extrusion is a process that converts aluminium into various products for industrial and consumer markets. There are several uses of aluminium extrusions in the automotive, electronics, bridge decking, mass transit, architecture, renewable/solar energy, telecommunications industries, and many more. To give excellent malleability to aluminium, the extrusion process generates shapes by heating aluminium alloy billets to soften them. After that, they are forced with hydraulic ram or press under high pressure by using special steel dies. As a result, aliminium pieces maintain a certain shape of the steel die.


Goldapple is one of the leading aluminium extrusion manufacturers in China. The aluminium extrusions of Goldapple are among the best Chinese aluminium extrusions. It not just manufactures common alloy standard but also custom extruded aluminium products. The company possesses vast technical competencies and resources to manufacture a wide variety of aluminium profile products in the extrusion industry. Most of their extrusions experience various fabrication or/and finishing processes for transforming them into helpful components, including cutting down, punching, machining, twisting, or welding. Complex and simple extruded shapes consist of structural and seamless aluminium channels, structural angles, H-beams, I-beams, zees, and tees, in both custom and standard shapes. Let’s have a look at the applications of aluminium extrusions.



· Transport industry

The strength to weight ratio is very crucial in the transport industry and aluminium extrusions are perfect for transmission housings, engine blocks, chassis of boats, cars, subway cars, railway, and trucks, parts and bodies of vehicles, and panels. The demand for Chinese aluminium extrusions has increased to a greater extent for the manufacturing of lightweight automobiles like 700-pounds lighter Ford F-150 pick-up truck.


· Architecture industry

The application of aluminium extrusion in architecture industry ranges from balustrades and railings to building bleachers and facades. An extruded aluminium structure is lightweight and stiff that’s why it is ideal for canopies where the structure cannot have a heavyweight but should handle a big load. Aluminium extrusions do not rust, thus they can be exposed to rains.


· Conducts heat

Aluminium conducts heat proficiently and thus it is utilized in air conditioners and auto radiators, nuclear reactors, condenser tubes, cooling and heating devices of computers, electronics, visual/audio systems, and pharmaceutical thawing units.


· Corrosion and rust-resistant

Aluminium extrusion is both corrosion and rust-resistant without any additional treatment. It’s because this metal contains a natural, protective thin film of aluminium oxide that ties to its surface.


· Construction industry

In construction industry, extruded aluminium components resist distortion that is caused by building movement and weather. They retain flexibility and strength under loads and bounce back when they undergo a shock.


· Industrial

Visit Goldapple website and you will find their high quality industrial aluminium extrusion product. This industrial aluminium extrusion material is regarded as the best choice for equipment like carts, workbenches, and inspection tables because it is easy to grill and cut, lightweight yet rigid, and a good investment. 



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