Case Studies- Successful Applications of Automotive Aluminum Extrusions

In the relentless pursuit of lighter, more efficient vehicles, the automotive industry has found a formidable ally in aluminum extrusions. With their unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio and versatility, these extruded aluminum profiles are transforming the landscape of modern car manufacturing.

Structural Components: Lighter and Stronger

BMW’s i3 electric vehicle exemplifies the transformative power of aluminum extrusions. The car’s chassis and body structure are predominantly made from extruded aluminum, resulting in a significant weight reduction compared to traditional steel components. This not only enhances fuel efficiency but also improves handling and performance.

Interior Applications: Comfort and Aesthetics

Jaguar Land Rover embraced aluminum extrusions for the intricate interior trim pieces of their Range Rover Velar. The extrusions’ precise contours and seamless integration create an elegant and luxurious ambiance while offering exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Exterior Styling: Sleek and Distinctive

McLaren Automotive took aluminum extrusions to the next level with the iconic P1 supercar. The car’s aerodynamic bodywork features complex extrusions that contribute to its sleek and distinctive styling while also enhancing downforce and minimizing drag.

Safety Systems: Enhancing Protection

Ford Motor Company has been a pioneer in using aluminum extrusions for safety applications. The Ford Expedition’s “Rollover Platform” is constructed from extruded aluminum and is designed to provide exceptional protection for occupants in the event of a rollover accident.

Cost and Efficiency: A Smart Investment

Aluminum extrusions offer not only performance advantages but also economic benefits. They streamline manufacturing processes, reducing assembly time and labor costs. Additionally, their high scrap value ensures a sustainable and cost-effective solution throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.


The successful applications of aluminum extrusions in automotive manufacturing showcase the transformative power of this versatile material. By reducing weight, enhancing strength, and enabling innovative designs, aluminum extrusions are paving the way for lighter, more efficient, and safer vehicles that meet the demands of the modern era.