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Predictions of Aluminium Extrusion World

  • Goldapple
  • 2017/12/14
  • 200

Walter Dalla Barba,the Editor and Chairman of the 11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress,said aluminium technologies (aluminium extrusion and surface treatments) will certainly not be the same as today in ten years.


We are therefore at a technological turn.The industrial world happens gradually. However it is also true that everything transforms faster now than in the past: just think that man rode horses for thousands of years and then in only a hundred years he passed from the bicycle to the airplane.


What will the aluminium extrusion world be like in ten years? Here are some interesting predictions presented by some programmed papers, maybe it's not a science fiction:

1.Integrated extrusion plant with automatic warehouse,

2.Die cleaning and complete caustic soda recovery, all automatic,

3.Production of aluminium objects with 3D printers,

4.Fast anodizing with better quality,

5.Continuous anodizing for aluminium profiles,

6.Aluminium etching with 90% caustic soda consumption and sludge reduction,

7.Innovating colouring and special effects,

8.Aluminium super-sealing for alkali resistance,

9.Waste water treatment plants with zero discharge without the use of evaporators.


The suggestion is therefore to be watchful and ready to evaluate changes before our competitors do and most importantly before it is too late.



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