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Properties of Aluminum profile

  • 2019/01/14
  • 200

Aluminum is lighter than iron and steel, and some alloys are stronger than some steel alloys. This makes the metal important for the frames and bodies of cars, trains and boats where the strength-to-weight ratio is critical. But weight and strength are not the only factors to consider.


The natural metallic surface of aluminum is aesthetically pleasing as-is. It needs no further finishing, but can be anodized, painted or powder-coated if desired.

Aluminum does not emit sparks and is a great choice in highly flammable environments.

Extruded aluminum components resist the distortion caused by weather and building movement. They retain strength and flexibility under loads and spring back from the shock of impact.

Aluminum extrusions can be joined to other aluminum products or to different materials by all key methods, including welding, brazing, soldering, bolting, riveting, bonding, and snap together or interlocking joints.

Aluminum is highly resistant to rust and corrosion as a result of its thin, naturally occurring, impenetrable protective aluminum oxide film.

Steel has to be painted or treated to protect it from rust and corrosion, especially if used in a moist, damp or abrasive environment, and wood requires scraping, sanding, painting or staining. Aluminum never needs to be refinished.



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