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New Energy Aluminum

Because aluminum and aluminum alloy materials have a series of characteristics such as strong plasticity, high strength, light weight, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, and good processing and forming performance, they have new energy industry become one of the most widely used and most economical materials. At present, the most widely used are new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, wind energy, photovoltaic inverter, and so on. Pingguo aluminum extrusion factory provides customized services of various sizes and shapes aluminum profiles for your new energy industry.

Automotive Aluminum Extrusions

1)Aluminum alloy automobile body is 40% lighter than the steel body,can reduce car fuel consumption.

2)The high-strength of aluminium can boost the safety performance of the automotive.

3)Strong corrosion resistance,Can reduce the cost of anti-corrosion maintenance.

4)A light-weight body can the vehicle’s speed and control capabilities.

5)Height is recycling, environmental protection and high cost-effectiveness.

Grade Certification Alloy Or Not Minimum Order Quantity Color Design Thickness
6000 series ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10012 Is Alloy 10 tons after confirmed the samples Customization Customization >0.7mm


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New energy vehicle battery tray, chassis is the main bearing parts of power battery. GoldeApple has the extrusion profiles needed for the production of battery trays, chassis and car heat sink , and has made an important breakthrough in the completion of vehicle welding. Golden Apple has developed new aluminum components and vehicle bodies for a number of customers in the transportation sector,deeply the support and trust of major car enterprises.

The application of aluminum alloy in new energy vehicles mainly includes body, wheels, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, power battery and seat. The body includes the body frame made of high-performance aluminum and the skin and door made of high-precision aluminum. Aluminum alloy wheels and chassis include high-strength and large-section aluminum structure and aluminum alloy forgings. Made of aluminum anti-collision beam bumper, new energy bus floor, lithium ion battery, aluminum ion battery (including positive battery aluminum foil, battery aluminum shell and battery aluminum tray), new energy bus seat system, etc. 



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