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New Energy Aluminum

Because aluminum and aluminum alloy materials have a series of characteristics such as strong plasticity, high strength, light weight, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, and good processing and forming performance, they have new energy industry become one of the most widely used and most economical materials. At present, the most widely used are new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, wind energy, photovoltaic inverter, and so on. Pingguo aluminum extrusion factory provides customized services of various sizes and shapes aluminum profiles for your new energy industry.

Solar Aluminum Frame

1) High weather resistance,high corrosion resistance,good wear resistance

2) Hight brightness and hardness ,the service life can reach more than 25 years.

3) Available to match all kinds of solar panels

4) Effectively use of the space while generating electricity.

5) The system has strong stability and high strength guarantee against strong wind and heavy snow.

6 ) The surface is resistant to air pollution, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and ozone, and the surface can maintain its inherent color and luster for a long time.

Grade Certification Alloy Or Not Minimum Order Quantity Color Design Thickness
6000 series ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10012 Is Alloy 10 tons after confirmed the samples Customization Customization >0.7mm


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SOLAR ALUMINUM FRAME is extruded profile, can extrude more complex section, easy to install corner code. At present, we have many universal moulds for solar frame and bracket for you to choose, and can also be customized according to your size.

The application of solar aluminum frame in photovoltaic mainly includes household roof, ground, large farm, carport, solar street lamp, etc. Solar aluminum frame will be more widely used in the future. For example, as a small power source, it can solve the problems of living electricity, photovoltaic water pump and water fetching and irrigation of deep Wells in remote areas. All kinds of traffic warning, sign lights, signal lights, etc. There are power sources for all kinds of lamps, solar cars, solar buildings and so on.



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