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New Energy Aluminum

Because aluminum and aluminum alloy materials have a series of characteristics such as strong plasticity, high strength, light weight, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, and good processing and forming performance, they have new energy industry become one of the most widely used and most economical materials. At present, the most widely used are new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, wind energy, photovoltaic inverter, and so on. Pingguo aluminum extrusion factory provides customized services of various sizes and shapes aluminum profiles for your new energy industry.

Inverter Heat Sink For Photovoltaic

1) Super plasticity: according to customer's requirements for heat dissipation, extrusion into a variety of shapes.

2) Long service life: aluminum radiator also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, service life can reach many years.

3) Excellent weather resistance: aluminum alloy radiator profiles through a variety of processes, the surface has acid resistance, alkali erosion and air pollution, can maintain the inherent color and luster for a long time.

4) Simple installation and convenient maintenance : Because aluminum alloy density is small, and can be processed into various shapes and specifications of parts, product assembly, surface treatment can be in place in one step, the construction site can be directly installed, saving a lot of installation costs. Maintenance is also convenient and low cost.

Grade Certification Alloy Or Not Minimum Order Quantity Color Design Thickness
6000 series ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO10012 Is Alloy 10 tons after confirmed the samples Customization Customization >0.7mm


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The inverter heat sink is not only related to the performance and life of the inverter, but also related to the power generation of the user. When evaluating the performance of the inverter, it is an important link that can not be ignored. GoldApple inverter adopts excellent heat dissipation design in terms of heat dissipation to ensure low loss and long service life of the inverter.

This aluminum heat sink for photovoltaic inverter applied to removing unwanted heat from a photovoltaic inverter device to keep it from overheating.Because it has appearance beautiful, come loose heat performance good, corrosion-resistant, wear-resisting, qualitative light, energy-saving advantage, more common is computer radiator. Because of the superior performance, aluminum radiator is widely used in household appliances, railway locomotives, machinery, automobile, wind power generation and other industries.



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